Best Album In the World Podcast

Episode #14 The Joshua Tree - U2

November 2, 2015

Patron of the arts, marketing maven, and unofficial member of the family.  Christopher Taykalo is on the podcast this week. He was the first kid in his hometown to ever discover the Beatles.  Well, okay, probably not, but he knew he liked them before the other kids knew who they were and why they were cool.  Finding U2 in the 80's, driving with the top down to "Where the Streets Have No Name", experiencing faith through a celebration of Christmas, and breaking barriers with the TC Gay Men's Chorus.  We cover a lot of ground, and there was even more we covered after we stopped recording.  I shared with Chris the angst I experience when I have new guest over to record a podcast, and why, and he was awesome in relating it to his own experiences and reminding me what I shouldn't get stuck in my own head about stuff like that.  As a family member should.